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Starry Night Light

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Starry Night Light

Your little one will LOVE falling asleep under the stars.

The Starry Night Light is great as night light for babies and toddlers. They enjoy the movement of the lights. It keeps them entertained watching the different colors changing. 

We often get comments from our customers saying that their babies will lay on the crib and stare at the lights for hours if they let them. The Starry Night Light is so fun and calming.

The Starry Night Light fills up the entire room and is perfect to entertain the little ones before bed. We highly recommend it for all nurseries!

With the Starry Night Light your toddler will want to stay in his or her bedroom and you will be able to get some sleep.

The Starry Night Light projects the stars in many colors.

Highly convenient, you can plug it into the wall or into your computer, or you can go mobile with batteries.

The Starry Night Light is a great gift for the little ones. They love it!



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