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Baby Hip Seat Carrier

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Baby Hip Seat Carrier

Load Bearing: up to19kg
Age Range: 3-30 months

Is your kid getting bigger and heavier, but still wants to be held and carried once in a while, and it is getting more and more difficult to carry so much weight with bare hands? So the Baby Hip Seat Carrier is just perfect for you!

Baby Hip Seat Carrier is easy to put on and easy to switch from inward to outward position making the baby interact more.

We often get reviews saying that Baby Hip Seat Carrier is a LIFE SAVER! Parents can put the baby on it and let the back rest.

The Baby Hip Seat Carrier will make your life so much easier if you have a baby who wants to be walked around 24/7 and also likes to look around a lot. It’s not hands free, but it is a huge relief for the back and gives parents an extra hand.

You will wish you had it sooner! Your baby can sit on it and it takes so much weight away from your arms and back. 

Once you get the Baby Hip Seat Carrier you will be able to carry your little one around the house and while out and about and pick him up, put him down easily. This is a fantastic product. 

The Baby Hip Seat Carrier is great for situations where you need to quickly pick up the baby and carry him or her, without the hassle of putting on a complete carrier - it is perfect!

For breastfeeding, your little one can literally sit on the Baby Hip Seat Carrier and nurse. 

Baby Hip Seat Carrier also gives your child the chance to interact with the world at an adult level as it is where all the action happens!


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