Starfish Sleeping Bag
Pink Starfish Sleeping Bag
Red Fish Sleeping Bag
Fish Sleeping Bag
Pink Fish Sleeping Bag
Starfish Baby Sleeping Bag
Black Fish Sleeping Bag
Measurements Fish Sleeping Bag
Measurements Starfish Sleeping Bag
Starfish Newborn Sleeping Bag
Newborn Sleeping Bag
Starfish Sleeping Bag for Babies
Newborn Sleeping Bag Fish
Fish Sleeping Bags Orange
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Sleeping Bags

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Sleeping Bags

Super cute sleeping bags for your baby!

These Sleeping Bags will make your baby warm, cozy and full of style.

Absolutely adorable!

We have Fish and Starfish styles and in many different colors.

About the product:

Material: 100%
Size: 85*78cm/33.46*30.71in (Length*Width),
Recommended: 0-12 months



YEAH! We ship our Sleeping Bags worldwide for FREE to 185 countries. Please allow 3 days for processing and 2-4 business weeks for shipping.

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