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Kangaroo Baby Carrier

Kangaroo Baby Carrier

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Kangaroo Baby Carrier

Kangaroo Baby Carrier allows you to better connect with your baby and make him feel more loved and secure. Babies who are carried cry less, are more confident, gain weight faster, have better motor skills, coordination, increased muscle tone and sense of balance.They also fall asleep quicker and for longer periods.

Using Kangaroo Baby Carrier you will make your little one spend more time in the calm and alert state, observing and taking in the world around them.

Kangaroo Baby Carrier is also very convenient! No more trying to navigate crowds with a stroller!

Kangaroo Baby Carrier allows you to safe go pretty much anywhere with your baby, regardless of the terrain as you can stroll cobblestone streets, skip across streams, walk on the beach, or climb mountains!

It is healthy for you!  Kangaroo Baby Carrier encourages you to get out and exercise with your little one.

Kangaroo Baby Carrier will help you make your baby happier and make you feel more confident as a parent, as you’ll feel your baby is calm and content because you have met all of his or her needs.

  • 4 carrying position modes: kangaroo style, back carry, cross arm carry or single hipseat;
  • The belt is filled with elastic component layer to evenly distribute the waist force;
  • Good shock absorption effect as it can filter the vibration caused by walking and protect your baby's spine from being affected;
  • Adjustable shoulder belt, double-protection safety buckle lock, 3D ventilating back pad
  • Easy to operate and adjust it, flexible carrying position
  • Suitable for carrying 2-36 months old baby;
  • Wide padded straps for the relief of Baby's weight, helps prevent back ache;
  • Handy and easy to travel as it has space to store bottles, mobile phones and paper towels that must be taken.


Weight-load: Maximum 20 kg
Baby age: 0-36 months
Color: Green, Navy Blue, Pink, Red


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