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Anti-Lost Wrist Link

Anti-Lost Wrist Link

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Anti-Lost Wrist Link

Does your toddler like running “independently free” making going anywhere public a hassle? lol Then the Anti-Lost Wrist Link is just what you need!

Any time your toddler pulls too far, it would pull him or her back and it won't hurt or leave any marks. With Anti-Lost Wrist Link your little one will be able to enjoy his or her “freedom” (lol) and you won’t have to chase him or her through the streets.

We often get comments like: “Whoever designed this is a genius!”

Keep toddlers close to you and at the same time give them independence during indoor or outdoor activities.

Anti-Lost Wrist Link is easy to use. All you need to do is connect the wristbands to adult’s and kids’ hands respectively. The shrinking chain can extend and the wrist strap circumference of kids hand side (the smaller side) can be adjusted.

Anti-Lost Wrist Link is soft and comfortable. Soft double layers of hook and loop for kids’ hands - not easy to take off by themselves. The size of wrist strap can be adjusted according to your need, the soft sponge pad in the wrist strap make it comfortable to wear for both adult and kids.

Walking toddlers tend to be a handful and while there are varying opinions about using this baby gear, we can’t help but admit that they can be extremely helpful especially when you have your hands full or have a few other kids to tend to.



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