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Baby Bath Cushion

Baby Bath Cushion

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Baby Bath Cushion

Baby Bath Cushion makes it easier to bath your little angel. It is shaped to gently cradle baby while bathing. Its contoured sides bring warm water to baby's skin. It keeps baby's head elevated, so parents can have both hands free to play with their little one.

  • Our Baby Bath Cushion is skin-friendly and is designed to protect baby's head and spine.
  • The fabric is made of lycra cotton and 3D honeycomb elastic mesh, and is filled with polystyrene particles. Healthy material, light and breathable.
  • The edge is raised to prevent the baby from slipping off. The middle is concave to protect baby's spine.
  • It comes with a hanger for drip-dry storage. The mesh is breathable and easy to dry.
  • The clasp is flexible, convenient and safe. The length can be adjusted, tight fit, and it can be fixed in three directions.
  • Environmentally friendly EPS padding provides buoyancy, and the baby does not sink when lying down.

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