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Baby Swimming Float

Baby Swimming Float

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Baby Swimming Float

Baby Swimming Float gives your little one the freedom to move around and play while still keeping them leaning forward.

Baby Swimming Float has little toys inside that make it jingle.

Parents love that the front of the float will keep baby's face out of the water.

Toddlers love to kick in the water and the Baby Swimming Float gives them the freedom to do that without worrying about getting water in the face or flipping over.

Baby Swimming Float is suitable for the age 3 months-6 years old. Please refer to the picture to choose your favorite size.

Superior Quality: It is made of environmental PVC material and non-toxic ink printing, with waterproof, non-toxic, durable characteristics.

It has a great design. The Baby Swimming Float is equipped with comfortable backrest, which provides ideal swimming posture. Safety and independence in the water will bring your baby a pleasant swimming time.

The Baby Swimming Float is simple and convenient: Double-decked air chamber design makes it easy to inflate and deflate, first inflate the small air chamber and then inflate the big airbag.

S - 3 - 12 months
L - 6 - 30 months
XL - 2 - 6 years


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