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Toddlers Backpacks

Toddlers Backpacks

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Toddlers Backpacks

Kids absolutely love these backpacks. Once they get one, they don’t want to take it off anymore! That’s what our customer around the globe keep telling us.

The material is really soft like stuffed animal. The colors are vibrant. They are super cute! The straps are well-made and fit a young child just fine.

Little backpacks with a front pocket.

Perfect for preschool.

They are nicely padded and fit perfectly on a toddler. They just love them. They put a few items in the pouch and are able to open and close the zippers without difficulties.

We have 22 different animal themes: zebra, Shar Pei, monkey, Coffee bear, racoon, hedgehog, crab, bee, sheep, dinosaur, koala, crocodile, elephant, tiger, tortoise, fox, shark, frog, Ladybug, hippo, orangutan and unicorn.

Pick your toddler's favorite animal and make him or her happier with this adorable gift!

Product Description:
Height: 26.5cm
Width: 10.5cm
Length: 24cm
Material Composition: Plush Cotton


YEAH! We ship our Toddlers Backpacks worldwide for FREE to 185 countries. Please allow 3 days for processing and 2-4 business weeks for shipping.

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